Most yearly calendars get stuffed in a drawer somewhere, and are a pain to keep on the refrigerator. That is what makes a monthly printable calendar perfect for the new year. When you are done with your January calendar you can just toss it in the trash or easily archive it for your records, and then simply put up the next months blank calendar. The ease and lack of clutter is what makes having a printable calendar superior to store bought calendars or free ones stuffed with pointless advertisements.  Here we have a custom calendar for January 2018, that’s easy to print in whatever format suits you best:

Free Printable January Calendar

Just click on the calendar to view and download it in full scale, or for your convenience, here it is in PDF format, word format, and odt format:

PDF: Printable January Calendar

Word: Printable January Calendar

Odt: Printable January Calendar

Our printable calendars come in a myriad of flavors, so please choose the on that fits your style and your needs the best. You may find that you want one that uses less ink, or that you prefer a more decorative January calendar instead. Here we have a version with even more pretty snowflakes for you to enjoy:

january calendar

Some people find that they would rather their calendars show the days of the previous and next month. I personally prefer to my months to be completely separated, but you may find that a calendar showing the full week to be more suited to your needs. As always we have a calendar made just for you. This calendar has the tail end of December 2017, as well as, the beginning of February 2018. Naturally, January can be found in between. Here is a full printable 35 day calendar just for you:

january calendar

I hope you enjoy your printable calendar for January. Please come back next month or earlier to find a suitable February calendar to use. As usual we will have many options and styles for you to enjoy. Try our plain calendar for January here. If there is anything that you like or don’t like, or even something that you want to see, please comment and let us know. We would be happy to try something new for you.