Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope your first day of 2018 is going great, and you had a fantastic time getting here! Here at PCT we are here for you, so that you can organize 2018 with our calendars. Throughout the year we will bring you every type of calendar that you could possibly want. Some of our calendars will be seasonal, while another may be a plain blank calendar. We have some that are styled and even themed calendars. Please tell us if you feel that we are missing any types or if there is a particular type of calendar that you need. We check both our comments and emails daily, and believe that your opinion matters the most.

Sometime one just needs a simple printable calendar. So here we have a free blank calendar for January. This calendar will be easy on the ink in your printer, but still look nice on your refrigerator or wherever else you choose to place it. At least one simple blank calendar will be designed for you for every month, so here is the very first one of the year:

Blank Calendar

As always, if you do not like the big X’s we have an alternative. We’ve made a full 35-day weekly calendar, because some people prefer to organize the calendars on a weekly basis. You may want to carry your schedule over from one month to the next without having to change your calendar part way through the week. If that’s your style, we can appreciate and will always reciprocate. So without further ado, here is your free calendar:

Blank Calendar

We hope that you enjoyed your fairly blank calendar. Most of ours will come with a little more style like so, but we want you to have as many choices as you can wish for. Again, please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. Even if you don’t like our calendar we will happily accept your criticism, as your opinion is very important to us. We know that there is always room to improve, and your advice will help us do just that.