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All of our Printable Calendars are custom made, and are designed for easy printing.
Printable November Calendar

November Plain Calendar

Greetings all! It's time for turkeys, and while this calendar is plain, clean, and crisp, you should check out some of our others if you're interested in a little more color and class in your calendar. I hope everyone has a happy November and a great thanksgiving....
Printable October Calendar

October Plain Calendar

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope that you have had your fun, and are enjoying your candy. I have one final treat for you and that is a printable October calendar! As I am sure all of you will agree, an October calendar is much better than candy. In light of this, I...
Printable September Calendar

September Plain Calendar

Welcome to fall one and all. We have a plain and simple calendar just for you this month on Printable Calendars & Template. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy this lovely albeit simple September calendar. As always one can view and edit it in almost any form they...

Printable Calendars

Every printable calendar in our gallery is a uniquely designed calendar, and is available in PDF, Word, and odT(openOffice/libreOffice) format. Please choose whichever format you like or even suggest a new method or format to download and print. Calendars are important to you and therefore us, we promise to do our utmost to satisfy you.


We at Printable Calendars Template are always striving for excellence. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please never hesitate to send us an email with complaints, suggestions, bug reports, or anything else that you feel we should know. We are always interested in calendar template ideas or anything else that you would like to see.

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Our free printable calendars are all custom unique unto us. Fresh, new, and appropriate calendars are updated frequently for your organizational pleasure. Some of our calendars will be seasonal, others simple calendars, and even a few holiday calendars. We promise you that all of our calendars are and will remain free for our readers.

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July Plain Calendar

Happy belated 4th of July everyone, or at least happy July. We at Printable Calendars & Templates are officially back and better than ever. Here we have the first of the bunch for you, this is the regular plain ole calendar with nothing special other than being...

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June Plain Calendar

June Calendar! Because June! It's printable, try it. PDF: Plain June Calendar Word: Plain June Calendar OpenOffice/LibreOffice: Plain June Calendar Here is a printable June calendar with marked in blanks: PDF: Plain June Calendar Word: Plain June Calendar...

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May Plain Calendar

This is a plain printable May calendar. Seriously, it's designed for May 2018, I swear. PDF: Plain May Calendar Word: Plain May Calendar Odt: Plain May Calendar May's plain calendar with the extra spaces removed: PDF: Plain May Calendar Word: Plain May Calendar Odt:...

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April Plain Calendar

It's time for April, sort of, at the least it's time for an April Calendar to be posted, so here it is. First one: PDF: Plain April Calendar Word: Plain April Calendar Odt: Plain April Calendar April full of X's. Here we go: PDF: Plain April Calendar Word: Plain April...

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March Plain Calendar

Here's another backlogged calendar. This time it's a March calendar. Keeping it plain, simple and easy on the ink. PDF: Plain March Calendar Word: Plain March Calendar Odt: Plain March Calendar And here we are with our "X"ed out calendar. Enjoy. PDF: Plain March...

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